Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gambia to Host Green Africa Conference

Bianca Griffith
Gambia will play host to an international conference on environment dubbed Green Africa Sustainability Conference slated for April 12-15 at Nemasu eco-lodge.
Green Africa brings together sustainable development practitioners and visionary funders with government leaders and pragmatic industry leaders.
Speaking to journalists ahead of the event, Bianca Griffith, the brainchild behind the conference said there exists a vast number of international conferences dedicated to policy debates on climate change, renewable energy and sustainable development policy.
“Green Africa Sustainability Conference is not one of them,” she said.
She said over the course of the gathering, ripe opportunities to ignite a fresh business framework built for maximum sustainability stakeholder benefit will be developed.

Bianca said Green Africa, will offer opportunities to participants to expand networks, engage in active collaboration for cross-industry calibration and develop strategies to launch initiative into action.
The Green Africa workshop will witness inspiring educational presentations, interactive discussions, hands-on workshops, demonstrations and design activities structured to accelerate communication and collaboration.
Said to be the first of its kind in Africa, the four day event will bring together government representatives, including local councils and village chiefs; experts including academics, researchers, scientists and professionals. NGOs and industries will also participate.
Featured speakers include, Samuel Assefa, senior urban designer, department of community planning and sustainability, Boulder, CO USA, Ousmane Pame, Mayor, GUEDE ECO-COMMUNITY, SENEGAL, Momodou Kolley, director of physical planning and housing, The Gambia, Momodou Sarr, executive director, NEA, The Gambia, Lucy Legan, IPEC, BRAZIL among others.
Bianca said the workshop is strictly by invitation, though a limited space is available through application via:


  1. This event will be an opportunity for another solutions to climate change to be made known. I hope both media practitioners and other partners make use of it!!

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